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Patrick Baudisch inspecting a satellite image of San Francisco on a focus plus context screen Focus plus context screen prototype. The iconic illustration (bottom right) shows the location of the high-resolution focus screen. The callout shows the different resolutions of focus and context area. 

Focus plus context screens are wall-size low-resolution displays with an embedded high-resolution display. Customized software is used to display image content across both display regions, such that the scaling of the image is preserved, while its resolution varies across the two display regions. Content scrolled into the focus region is viewed in higher detail, making the focus display behave like a magic high-resolution lens.


Here is a selection of application scenarios

For a quick overview, check out our UIST 2001 video MPG (8M) | WMV (78M)

main publications about focus-plus-context screens

Baudisch, P., Good, N., and Stewart, P.
Focus Plus Context Screens: Combining Display Technology with Visualization Techniques.
In Proceedings of UIST 2001, Orlando, FL, November 2001, pp.31-40.
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Photos | MPG (8M) | WMV (78M) | citations

Baudisch, P., Good, N., Bellotti, V., and Schraedley, P.
Keeping Things in Context: A Comparative Evaluation of Focus Plus Context Screens, Overviews, and Zooming.
In Proceedings of CHI 2002, Minneapolis, MN, April 2002, pp. 259-266.
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Flash user study driving simulation (63K) citations

Baudisch, P., DeCarlo, D., Duchowski, A., and Geisler, B.
Focusing on the Essential: Considering Attention in Display Design.
In Communications of the ACM 46(3), March 2003, pp. 60-66.
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additional publications about focus-plus-context screens

Baudisch, P. and Good, N.
Focus Plus Context Screens: Visual Context and Immersion on the Desktop.
In SIGGRAPH 2002 (Emerging Technologies demo paper), San Antonio, TX, July 2002.
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Baudisch, P. and Good, N.
Focus Plus Context Screens: Displays for Users Working with Large Visual Documents.
In CHI 2002 Extended Abstracts (Demo paper), pp. 492-493.
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Baudisch, P.
Focus Plus Context Screens.
In CHI 2002 Video Proceedings, Minneapolis, MN, April 2002.
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in the popular press
Bhattacharjee, Y.
In a Seamless Image, the Great and Small.
In The New York Times, Thursday, March 14, 2002.
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