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Image gallery: Touch-screen tech comes of age


Microsoft Corp. researcher Patrick Baudisch demonstrates a prototype LucidTouch device, which allows him to control the device from the back so his fingers don't get in the way. His fingers appear as shadowy outlines behind the on-screen application.

Also shown are artists' renderings of how users' fingers might be represented on such a device.

Baudisch with prototype LucidTouch   LucidTouch mockup 1

LucidTouch mockup 2   LucidTouch mockup 3

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Give your computer the finger - Whose light is shining?

So, what happens if a whole lot of shoppers are indicating their choices all at once? How will they know whom the projected image is meant to inform? How many stations would there be for people to use to request their projections? What if the customer is not a twenty-something, and walks rather slowly to the spot? How long will the image stay there before it times out? (Just wondering.) This is supposed to make shopping *easier*?
...Read the entire comment

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