Our jaws dropped at LucidTouch, a great see-through touchscreen idea Microsoft showed us last October. Now the company’s photoshopped up a really pretty simulated tablet PC using the technology that lets you see your hands on the other side of the screen, controlling the unit from behind. It all makes perfect sense, because with smaller touchscreens, you find your fingers getting in the way. Why not just control the thing from the other side?

There’s a catch. The real prototype (see it in the gallery below) doesn’t look quite as cool as these artful renderings, because it has a goofy-looking camera hanging off the back to detect your hand and finger positions. Microsoft wizards are said to be busy working on an infrared sensor mounted inside the back of the device that can detect your hand position without that clunky camera, but we’d like to see that in the real world before we stop calling it vaporware.


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Charlie White is a posting machine today! Three posts in a row! Keep up the great work today.

I could see where this might be useful on a construction site looking over blue prints. The foreman could point out aspects with out blocking the plans.

Since it is Microsoft and not Apple I am sure people will find a billion and one reasons to piss on it.

Did any else notice that in several of those pictures it appears to be running the Mac OS? Did they outsource the photoshopping job? I don't point this out because I like Mac (i don't), just because I think its kind of funny.

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