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  Whitepaper: ProCurve ProActive Defense Empowers Your Business with More Security and Less Complexity
As IT networks evolve and expand in new and exciting ways, the challenge of defending against increased and varied attacks becomes increasingly difficult. ProCurve's ProActive Defense works to create a network that is immune to threats, can control access and usage, and is able to protect data and integrity for all users. »
  Whitepaper: Extending the Enterprise Network Through Mobility
Connecting and sharing business intelligence in real time is essential for successful competition in today's business world. Learn about an innovative approach to designing next generation networks, based on the two key principles of command from the center and control to the edge. »
  Whitepaper: Convergence: Preparing the Enterprise Network
As applications have become more dynamic, companies are discovering that their existing data networks are not ready for convergence. Learn more about convergence-ready solutions that allow an enterprise network to adapt to all communication needs and simultaneously ensure that all current and future applications will function reliably. »
  Video: ProCurve Networking by HP
ProCurve ProActive Defense allows you to detect, identify and minimize threats before they compromise your network. Discover how ProCurve Networking by HP can help you handle today's network security needs and adapt to tomorrow's security challenges. Watch our video to see how ProActive Defense can help your business. »

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IBM CIO insights: Igniting Innovation By Fusing Business and IT. Don’t let the lack of integration cause your company to stagnate, lose money & miss valuable opportunities.


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