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Soap: how to make a mouse work in mid air

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mrwednesday (2 weeks ago)
Cool... But how do you make the characters move in the FPS game? If this is only a mouse with one button I cant see how he can play using only the "soap"...
baudisch (2 weeks ago)
As usual in PC gaming by using a (mobile) keyboard in the other hand. Check out the left hand in opening scene of the video.

I am wondering if anybody would turn soap into a controller that does both...
Smugglarn (1 week ago)
Nintendo Wii could potentially own its ass - by much better control and acces to keys - will it happen?
sjbiars (1 day ago)
I want to build one now!
THEPAGANWOLF (17 hours ago)
I like the simplicity and how the SOAP can pretty much unhook you from being wired and give you a more fluid interface. Combine that with a frog keyboard and you have the best combination for data entry. I can totally see this being implemented as wearable technology.
unrealmp3 (3 hours ago)
If I find all the equipments needed, I might try this. Looks cool for remote controlling your PC, especially on a Media Center.

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Added  August 07, 2006
From  baudisch
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This video shows how to modify an optica This video shows how to modify an optical mouse to make it work in mid air, i.e., without a table or mouse pad.

It also shows severel application scenarios, including wall display interaction, Windows Media Center, slide presentation, and interactive video games.

Find more information and a how-to-guide at http://www.patrickbaudisch....
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