March 04, 2004

More GUI Madness - Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research's Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment group has some really interesting projects to salivate over. Nothing revolutionary here, at least nothing they provide any detailed information on.

  • Multiblending - a better way to do transparency of GUI elements that maintains readability - the screenshot from Photoshop is pretty rockin'
  • Flat Volume Control - volume control that is centralized/delegated and software-based for all applications - finally (Flash demo - 5.6MB)
  • High Density Cursor - another seemingly obvious but cool improvement - creates motion-blur cursors to help your eyes see where the cursor in-between the frames normally rendered by the GUI (Flash demo - 32KB)
  • Drap-and-Pop - makes drag-and-drop easier by popping possible destinations closer to where you are starting from. Less instrusive than it sounds (Flash demo - 185KB)

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