high-density cursor demo

patrick baudisch
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High-density cursor is all about interactivity and responsiveness. Try this demo!

click to start flash demo (32kb)

Make the window as big as possible. If you have multiple monitors, stretch the browser window all across.

Start by moving the mouse cursor around and see how it helps you keep track of the cursor. Wonder what is happening? Turn high-density mouse on and off by adjusting opacity. Try out different settings. Wonder when high-density cursor "kicks in"? Turn on the "make a sound" debug feature to make high-density cursor audible.

Does high-density cursor help you acquire targets? Drag windows and buttons to opposite positions on your screen. Now try to reach them all the way across the screen as fast as possible. Try this with high density cursor enabled and disabled.

Compare high-density cursor to the Windows mouse trail. Activate the mouse trail in start->settings->control panel->mouse->third tab. Note that the mouse trail does not make the trail any denser, but that it introduces lag. Enjoy!